About Candle Wisdom

Candle Wisdom is a project (2018-2020) under the Erasmus+ Programme of Strategic Partnerships for Schools, which joins primary schools in Latvia, Finland, Italy, Turkey and Portugal with the aim of meeting the needs of the modern world, with large implications for literacy.

Interaction is increasingly conducted through social networks, particularly among young people. However, good literacy skills are an essential prerequisite for being able to participate actively and civically in society.

Digitalization, labor market, social and civic participation are factors that require a greater capacity to assess information critically, in the context of an apparently infinite universe in available options. Good literacy skills are needed to manage our health, remain socially active and politically involved.

In a long-term perspective, the expected goal is to improve the overall level of literacy among students in all partner schools and their local communities.

Schools are expected to adapt the innovative methods learned during the project in their teaching and learning programs.



strengthen and develop closer and more regular cooperation between partner schools


promote the development of innovative educational processes facilitating literacy


awareness of the importance of a high level of literacy skills in modern society


promote the personal and professional development of the teachers involved


Our Partners


Pļavniekkalna Sākumskola


Viikkalan koulu


Istituto Comprensivo Europa


Selcuklu Ibrahim Yapici Ilkokulu

EB1/PE da Marinheira

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Latest News

Festa Literária Infantil do Grémio

Gremio Children’s Literary Party

The 4th Edition of the Grémio Children's Literary Party took place on the morning of November 15th to promote children's literature and raise awareness of the importance of reading.

Meeting in Portugal

From 7-11 October we held our meeting in Portugal, Living on an Island. Titled “From the Sea to the Mountains”, we were delighted to welcome our Erasmus+ partners.

Book: Tales from Afar

After having worked the various tales of the partner countries, we decided to transform the work into books, with beautiful illustrations of our students and version in Portuguese and English.
Tales from Afar

Tales from Afar

Following the previous book Tales & Legends, we considered it important to know a little more about the traditional literature of our partner countries in the form of short stories and tales.